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Thousands of feet of drain tile are put into the ground every year to help with erosion and to avoid wet fields or pooling of water. Often times tile can be improperly installed and cause drainage issues due to things like improper grading, crushed tile, etc. With our state of the art video inspection system we can quickly and efficiently find problem areas, locate tile lines, and do it all in 1000' increments. We can go in tile and pipe as small as 4" and see full color 360 degrees, document rise and fall if requested and record entire inspection on flash drive for later viewing. If a blockage is found, in many cases we can clear blockages and buildup with our high power water jetter. Jeremy LeuField tile video inspection in Fairfield. Drain Camera.

Field Tile Video inspection In Fairfield

Tile locating

All video inspections can be viewed live at our video inspection truck. Video inspections can be conducted in tile from 4" on up. We can locate common problems such as collapsed tile, root intrusion, broken tile and other blockage. Our system can measure the grade of tile and look at the entire perimeter of the tile with 360 degree rotatable camera head. The camera crawler can be submerged in 300' of water and has 1000' horizontal capability and can be located above ground with high accuracy. All inspections are recorded onto a flash drive for later viewing

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Save time and money locating your field tile. Tile is expensive to run and unfortunately sometimes the only alternative if existing tile cannot be located and the field isn't draining properly. Newly acquired fields also pose a problem if the location of the tile is unknown. With our inspection system we can map out and flag your tile runs in 1000' increments. Our crawler emits a signal that we can track with our locator giving us pinpoint accuracy +/- 1 foot

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