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Issues with wells and boreholes can be frustrating and cost valuable time
and money trying to figure out what is happening below ground.
Conventional troubleshooting methods can be costly. Save time and
money with video inspections and know exactly what is happening in
your well. With our down hole video inspection system we can inspect well 
boreholes as small as 2.5"  and depths down to 1300 feet.

Technical Specifications

Our down hole well camera uses a hi-def dual view (down and side) camera with adjustable lighting and is 360 degree rotatable. The camera is pressure rated to 750 PSI. Customers can watch live as the inspection is happening in the control van. All inspections are recorded onto a flash drive for later viewing. Depth readout in feet and inches is embedded in the video so it is easy to look back at specific sections of the customer copy after the inspection has been completed.

What You Can Learn From Inspection Videos

Common things we can identify for you down hole are: Holes in casing, plugged perforations and build up in pipe. Verify squeeze jobs for integrity and accuracy. In addition to checking for plugged perforations you can also look at perforations to identify highest producing perforated zones and verify if the areas that are supposed to be perforated actually are. In many cases we can see if certain zones are on a vacuum or giving up fluid. Other benefits of well video include aiding in fishing operations verifying location and orientation  of lost tools or other objects, and documenting casing integrity for perspective clients.

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