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Sewer camera, sewer video inspection - Jeremy Leu - southeast iowa state of the art sewer video inspection in southeast Iowa with the most advanced sewer camera equipment available

Jeremy Leu Sewer Video inspection

If you are having issues with your sewer line or city sewer main we can help. We have the latest portable sewer video inspection systems in Iowa. Our video systems can inspect pipes from 2.5" in diameter on up and reach distances of 1000 ft in a single run. We can identify many issues below ground such as cracks or holes in pipe, crushed or collapsed pipe, root intrusion, blockage, and many other issues that may happen below ground. Our sewer cameras are state of the art, water proof and can see full color HD video live with a 360 degree rotatable camera. With recording capabilities we can give you a flash drive copy of the entire inspection for later viewing and provide a comprehensive report of the entire observations. Once the problem is found we can find the precise location above ground within a couple feet. Our system can provide distance readout and rise/fall of pipe. One of the premier plumbing companies. Call us today for a free quote.

Jeremy leu sewer video inspection

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